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Sandtex 3-in-1

Sandtex 3-in-1


Sandtex 3-in-1 is a unique product that can be used as a primer, undercoat and topcoat all in one. It combines good alkali resistance with excellent sealing properties.  This quick drying, high quality, water-based product exhibits good inherent corrosion resistance and reactive pigment stability.

Recommended as a primer, undercoat and topcoat for new, dry interior and exterior porous surfaces such as gypsum plaster, brick, concrete, cement, “Masonite” hardboard and various other types of composition boarding, also used for PVC piping. Sandtex 3-in-1 has exceptional adhesion to steel, galvanized steel including chromate, treated and untreated aluminum.  It can also be used for painting over stained areas with exceptional results. It is quick drying and can be used under oil-based and water-based topcoats on interior and exterior surfaces. Can be used to seal stains from crayons, graffiti, hand marks, creosote, rust, smoke and greasy spots.

• Suitable for use as a Primer, Undercoat and Top-coat
• Stain killing properties
• Suitable for interior and exterior applications
• Durable and UV Resistant
• Low Odour and Quick Drying
• Water Clean Up
• Water-based Technology
• Glossy surfaces can be primed without having to sand or de-gloss

• Touch dry within ±1-2 hours.
• Top-coat within ± 60 minutes.
• Full Cure within ± 24 hours.
• Drying times may be extended during wet or cold weather.

• ± 10m²/lt, depending on the surface being coated.

• Clean equipment, tools and spillages with warm, soapy water as soon as possible after application.
• Do not allow paint to dry out on equipment.

• Keep out of reach of children, pets and uninformed persons.
• This product should be stored in a cool, dry place 8°C-25°C.
• Ensure the lid is tightly secured to prevent leakages or drying during storage.

• In case of accidental contact with eyes or skin, wash the affected area with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
• This product is harmful if swallowed.  Do not induce vomiting; call your local poison centre or doctor.